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Also New filter breathers in rocker box. ) make contact with the moving cam chain, back the tensioner bolt out 1/4 turn and tighten the jam nut. APE "CLASSIC" TENSIONER . Second, what are the steps to keep the tension within specs? How To Make A manual Cam Chain Tensioner for your motorcycle.

Screw the tensioner back in until the rattle just goes away. Sometimes the engine will need to be idling when you make the adjustment. Do it again, or until the chain slap stops. Best Cutting on the tensioner bolt. My bike only has a loud ticking sound on ititial startup that&39;s lasts a second or so then how to make a manual cam chain tensioner goes away completely. The inner tensioner go on a bit differently. He told me that the manual ones are a huge pain in the a** and the stock/automatic ones are pretty much bull.

. hey again, Im getting a rattle in the area of the engine which a mechanic says is the cam chain or cam chain tensioner(cct). The stock tensioner is probably an automatic tensioner that automatically takes up the slack as the cam chain stretches. Just pull the tensioner all the way out remove the center cap and reset the foot by pulling the spring loaded lock. I dont like to have to tear down the head cover to check it out so I&39;m trying to adjust the chain tensioner. Not much else you can do. it something like that. Install the new tensioner starting with the gasket.

If you can&39;t replace the Cam Chain, you can try to add a little more tension to the Cam Cahin adjuster by installing a stronger tensioner spring or by pushing on the tensioner rod and locking it in position with the tensioner rod lock bolt and nut. but some site said adjust it until you start hearing the timing change. To set the tensioner adjustment, rotate the engine forward while screwing the tensioner bolt in. Black CNC Manual Cam Chain Tensioner. my mechanic highly recommended I switch back to the stock automatic chain tensioner. CNC Billet & Hard Anodized. even on a 92 CBR F2 that ive replaced one on, ive never had one how to make a manual cam chain tensioner slip and jump teeth. At certain points during engine rotation you will feel the plunger tighten as it takes up the slack in the cam chain.

Reassemble and run it. Im going to be taking my DRZ apart soon to install a CVK40 and a E header, but while I had it apart I want to go ahead and install the MCCT. BIG rookie mistake. the more slack the chain has, the easier it is for it to slip. To eliminate this problem we installed an APE manual cam chain tensioner in place of the factory automatic one.

· My drz400s has a manual cam chain tensioner that was installed on the bike by the previous owner. it boils down to how streched out your cam chain is. Install the timing chain tensioner arm (A). More How To Make A Manual Cam Chain Tensioner videos. Automatic tensioner spring was toast. I cant justify spending on something as simple as the Cam Chain Tensioner so has anybody had any issues with the generic eBay tensioners? Typically, an auto tensioner pushrod will only move in one direction, so if you have the valve cover off & rotate the crankshaft manually using a 17mm wrench, the tensioner will take up the slack created by rotating the.

DO NOT force the plunger, continue steady finger tightening only to take up the slack in the chain as you rotate the crankshaft. Lower the tank back down and remove the rear mounting bolt with a 10mm ratchet and 10mm spanner. Don&39;t overtighten the chain. I locked it down a 1/4 turn back from this spot. IF YOU ARE NOT CERTAIN HOW TO INSTALL THE CAM CHAIN TENSIONER THEN IT IS ADVISED THAT IT BE. When the chain get noisy you put a new Cam Chain on. Or can I just remove the stock tensioner and put the manual one in?

If it&39;s well worn you will hear a muffled bang or pop as the adjuster takes up the slack in the Cam Chain. I have a softail fat boy 88b motor. Adjust the cam chain tension tension by feel. i thinking of pop the valve cover off and measure the oem spring. When the engine is cold and off, you loosen the lock bolt on top of the cam chain tensioner housing and allow the tensioner to slide forward with its internal spring. Start the engine. Auto and Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Blade and Guide Differences Before using this site please read the site disclaimer. Note the vacuum pipe is connected on the outlet just behind the left hand side fuel hose.

Also please note that any links provided may be part of an affiliate programme (viz. 10) Thread the Mechanical Tensioner all the way into the cylinder and tighten the tensioner with a wrench 11) Tighten the center adjuster bolt as far as you can by hand then turn it another 1/4-1/2 turn more with a wrench and tighten the lock how to make a manual cam chain tensioner nut with a wrench 12) Visually check to make sure the Cam Chain is in the gear teeth and seated correct. I saw in the new Kawasaki Sporting gear catalog they have manual cam chain tensioners for the zx6 and zx10. nor have i ever heard of anyone having that problem when changing the CCT themselves at home. This allows the cams to go momentarely out of time, and can result in bent valves and/or serious engine damage. Before proceeding to install the APE manual cam chain tensioner, note the Optional Step at the end of this tutorial. See more results.

warning: incorrect installation of a manual cam chain tensioner may result in severe engine DAMAGE. the paper say turn it in then turn it out a 1/4. ) then back it out 1/4 turn then tighten the lock nut. again do a seach on the open web for manual cam chain tensioner adjusting.

it has an after market manual adjustable one, not the hydraulic one that come stock with my bike(94 cbr600 f2. Use the tool to install the tensioner and let it rest on the chain. if you are not certain how to install the cam chain tensioner then it is advised that it be installed by a shop who is familiar with this process.

This moves all the Cam Chain slack to where the adjuster is. Leave it like that when installing the tensioner and tightening the mount bolts, then put the center bolt back in which will put the proper amount of tension on the chain. they was a couple of site that i have found but didn&39;t save them. Remove the zip tie. important: when replacing any hydraulic oem tensioner with a manual tensioner, it is important to make sure that the oil passage that supplied the oem tensioner is blocked off. What is a cam chain tensioner plate?

The one thing I have seen is damage caused by loose cam chains beating up the sliders, variable cam timing as the chain slack allows it to vary by a large amount when the tensioner allows. poo miles cam chain tensioners changed 40. they look like they would.

When installing the new tensioner run the bolt out far enough so it won&39;t contact the cam chain during installation. The automatic adjusters can back out when the throttle is closed suddenly at high rpm. APE manual cam chain tensioners are designed to replace the automatic and hydraulic tensioners on high performance engines.

I tightened it by turning the adjuster in by hand until it had tension and was getting hard to turn, and i could feel it hitting the chain guide. If your tensioners are made of aluminum you do a little better as the expansion coefficient is around 12. Take baby steps, turn it in slightly. Most of the newer engines (say from the early 1980s on, give or take) have the non adjustable type how to make a manual cam chain tensioner of Cam Chain tensioner. Torque the two mounting bolts to manual specs.

eBay, Amazon) which helps support the site as I will earn a commission when visitors make a qualifying purchase. After you&39;ve bolted it in run the tensioner bolt in til it stops (Use some finesse here, You don&39;t need much more than your fingers here in most cases. Using basic tools, the installation was completed in around 20 minutes and immediately resolved our loose cam chain issue. My tensioner is not tensioning anymore, and I am going to drop the bike off with Kawi (still under warranty). although you are taking a risk by not pinning the chain to the cam gears, its a risk that is very slim. Cam Chain Adjuster Plate. Rotate the motor forwards, while screwing it in until you feel the cam chain drag against the cam chain guide.

APE PRO-SERIES TENSIONER . Just retract the outer tensioner, slip it over the post on the cam plate and push it on. 250 movement when the rack pushes back and forth over 3-4 teeth, and overly worn cam chains from that slapping and snapping around. The timing marks of each sprocket should be matched with timing marks (color link) of timing chain when installing the timing chain. The cam chain tensioner on the 220 is manual. How do you tension a chainsaw chain? Older engines usually have the adjustable type.

When you feel the engine tensioner parts (guide, rollers, etc. Looking at the design, it seemed simple enough, so I decided to try to make my own using the stock piece. Run the engine at idle. Made from High Grade Aluminium 6061-T6. Tighten the pinch bolt and all is well. I had one old GSX-R that you could shake the cam chain it was so loose. failure to do so could result in a low oil pressure situation.

If you have the valve cover off, you can gauge how much it needs. · Same procedure for the cam install; freeze the cams with bearings installed, heat the plate, make sure the timing dots are aligned and drop the cams into the plate; a piece of cake. · I put a manual timing chain tensioner on my TTR250. Then release the tool to let the tensioner onto the chain. Try to put just enough pressure to stop the noise. Then retighten the lock bolt. First, will these work on the z1000? .

Most people say to adjust it just until the "rattle" goes away when hot. Back out the manual tensioner until you hear the chain rattle. You simply install it and it works. · Finger tighten the plunger on the tensioner while turning the crankshaft by hand. caution: incorrect installation of a manual cam chain tensioner may result in severe engine damage. 000 miles New cam chain tensioners got bike back it blowing oil out of intake lots of oil charts.

I replaced the chain, and I still had chain noise so the tensioner is the culprit. What is ape manual cam tensioner? Include Gasket for preventing oil spilling. 000 miles now with 65. take the measurement to the manual one. -Use the ziptie on each cam to hold the chain to the cam (this keeps the chain from jumping when you remove the CCT) -Move the TBs as far to the front of the bike as you can On the right hand side (inside) frame rail there is a bracket that holds a few parts to how to make a manual cam chain tensioner the frame, the bracket is held in with 2 bolts (10mm), remove them then push the whole bracket out of the way. The problem is, I don&39;t hear any rattling or wooshing or anything even when the tensioner applying no pressure at all (ie. Need using 7mm and 14mm tools for screwing hexagonal nut and thread.

Install the APE tensioner by pressing the body and o-ring into the cam chain tensioner hole.

How to make a manual cam chain tensioner

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